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VIMI Corp. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Supplies
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Face Shield Splash Guard - Box of 50
Price: $97.50
Shipping: $4.00
Part Number: FS-001
PPE Discount
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New Disposable Protection!
FDA Approved under EUA 4132020

Box of 50

Our disposable plastic face splash guards are made in North
America and is made to be light weight and easy to wear.

We produce and sell a Face Shield Splash Guard
that is disposable, has a simple adjustable size band,
and is made of clear PET recyclable plastic and fits
well over glasses and masks.

Our Face Shield Splash Guard’s sneeze guard
masks protects the mouth, nose and eyes from
sprays and light droplets.

For Assembly instrictions click on the PDF button
at the top of this page.

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